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Best Summer Ever

Workshops for 11-19-Year-Olds
Digital Skills 
Life Skills 
Business Boot Camp
Filmmaking & Creative Enterprise

(financial literacy, politics, economics) 

July / August 2021

It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning

We're plugging the gaps in education.


Every year more and more children express an interest in learning about the practical subjects they need in life. Business, financial literacy, politics, economics and digital skills are life skills every child needs to be a functional adult and global citizen.


We've created a range of courses to address this very need, all delivered in fun and engaging formats.

Older teen looking for work?


 The world of work today needs a workforce that is digitally native, agile that can hit the ground running.


Participants will work in teams on a real client engagement, create digital products and present their work.


Budding entrepreneur?

In this class, participants will create ideas, conduct market and consumer research, build a website and launch their new business venture.

Curious about current affairs?


Learning essential skills about financial literacy, politics, and economics will endure for a lifetime.


In teams and challenges, participants will make important decisions about money, politics and current affairs.

film clip

Love films and photographs?

Want to start a YouTube Channel? Artistic & Creative?

Participants will learn the art of good photography and filmmaking. Turn those special moments into cool photos and films that capture the memories, create video journals or content for a YouTube channel. 

Workshop Highlights

  • All our courses are fun and engaging.

  • Participants work in teams on real-world projects, assignments and challenges.  

  • Our students are encouraged to discuss amongst each other, improve their public speaking skills and present their work to the class.

  • At the end of each workshop, there is a showcase event or competition.

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