We are committed to empowering the lives of children and young people by providing them with all the resources they need to be the leaders of tomorrow.


Our programs ensure that all of our youth succeed in all the different aspects of life - at home, in school and in our community.

All our courses are fun and engaging. Participants work in teams on real-world projects, assignments and challenges.  

Our students are encouraged to discuss amongst each other, improve their public speaking skills and present their work to the class. At the end of each workshop, there is a showcase event or competition.

Take a look at our variety of programs, and learn about everything we have to offer today!

Digital Skills for Work

Is your older teen looking for work?
The world of work today needs a workforce that is digitally native, agile that can hit the ground running. Participants will work in teams on a real client engagement, create digital products and present their work.

By the end of the programme, each participant will have a portfolio of work to show prospective employers, CV and project management skills.  Participants will speak to real clients and learn how to communicate in a work environment, presentation and public speaking skills.

Life Skills 
(financial literacy, economics & politics)

Curious about current affairs?
Learning essential skills about financial literacy, politics, and economics will endure for a lifetime.

Every year teenagers across the country reach voting age, casting that very first vote can be daunting and confusing. We want to set our young people up with the basics of UK politics way before that stage. Getting them to understand the basics, ask critical questions and make important decisions.

Financial literacy and economics is a lifelong skill all young people need to know. Whether it's money management, budgeting or understanding current affairs, the earlier we start the better.

In teams and challenges, participants will research, discuss, analyse and make important decisions about money, politics and current affairs.

Business Boot Camps

Budding entrepreneur? Have a business idea?


We strive to help young business moguls startup, receive the guidance and confidence they need to turn their ideas into something real.


In this class, participants will create ideas, conduct market and consumer research, build a website and launch their new business venture. At the end of the boot camp, they will present their business venture to a panel of judges for a chance to win prizes get their business to a good start.

Filmmaking &
Creative Enterprise

Love films and photographs?
Want to start a YouTube Channel? Artistic & Creative?


One of the most challenging things for young creatives is knowing how to turn their talents into a business or commercialise their work.


 Participants will learn the art of good photography and filmmaking. Turning those special moments into cool photos and films that capture the memories, create video journals or content for a YouTube channel. Graphic designers, artists, musicians and other gifted creatives will learn how to build a portfolio of work to promote and market to potential clients, how to work on client engagements and deliver a brief.